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Should or Shouldn't?

Should I say goodbye for now? This is my first attempt to create a blog and having the difficulties at the beginning of the assignment. I guess blogging is not my passion at the first time. I bet I would not create any blog if the subject does not assign me to do this. Even though writing is my passion. It is hard to learn any coding and whatsoever.

As time goes on, I do enjoying blogging. I learnt so many new things. Infinity thanks to our superb lecturer, Sir Zulfakhri for the guidelines to finish this blog. And also my parents that give moral support. Not to forget also to my beloved fellow classmates. You guys are awesome. A big thanks also to The tutorial is so helpful.

Alhamdulillah I have completed the task!

Adios amigos.

Move for Hunger

Olla people!

People need food in other to keep alive and stay energized for a day. But some people might not have the chance to eat enough meals per day. Vagrant and homeless might have the difficulties. They survived by finding out the food in the dustbin or eat the rest of the food from the restaurant. Some people might fell that they are dirty and smelly. In other to survive, they have to become shameful toward themselves. The discrimination toward vagrant and homeless are in a critical condition. So many people critics but there would be only plenty that may help them. 

Feed the homeless at Malaysia.
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Feed the homeless project at New York.
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There are so many efforts have been made by the societies that concern about them. People that have elite lifestyle might not feel what they felt unless they join the group that creates the project.

The things we get in life can make us a living. The things we give to people can make a life. Never look down on anybody unless you are helping them up. Be grateful  and thankful people!

Good Diet

Hello people!

Looking at the word of diet people must be thinking about the ways to be gorgeous and have ideal weight. Diet can be either good or bad. Does not mean you do not have to eat to get the ideal body weight. Be pretty does not mean you have to sacrifice everything. Good diet can help you to get the ideal body weight and stay healthy.

A guide that can be follow.
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A good diet is based on starchy foods such as potatoes, bread, rice and pasta. Good diet also needs plenty of fruits and vegetables. For a good diet, balance is the key to get it right. In a good diet, habit of eating must be in the right proportions.

Diet does not mean you cannot eat at all. Stay healthy people!

Islamic Food VS Science Theory


Feel like want to share about this topic since I am a pure science student at the high school. There were a lot about the theory from the intelligence white people. We learn and learn and sometimes practiced in daily life. Most of the eating habits based on the eating habits that we learnt from others. Example like if we want to gain back the energy after donating blood, people usually tend to eat the inner part of the animal organ. The inner part of the animal organ is not good for our health because it can cause your mind to think slowly. Heart is where all the toxic is accumulated and would be neutralized. The thickness of the toxic in the heart of the chicken is high where when we eat we could get the effect. It just same like we eat the toxic and there would be no differences.

Say no to them.
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To get back the energy after donating the blood and for the anemia patient, by eating meat, broccoli, spinach, nuts, honey, oat and banana can help. Plus the body will get better instead of getting the bad effects.

A cup of love for the coffee lover
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A part of that, we are taught to not eat coffee because it is not good for our health. Actually coffee is one of the favorite for Prophet apart of milk and honey.  I am one the victim to that statement also. As I grew older, I read and compared. Caramel macchiato is so yummy. 

Yes or No would be your choices!

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Sunnah Foods


When it comes to sunnah foods, we would think about Our beloved Prophet Muhammad. Sunnah food is the food that our Prophet like and have in daily life. Sunnah foods have many benefits.

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The first recommendation is barley. Barley is good for body in the hot condition. To have good barley, we need to soak it in water. The barley also can be used to make soup. It is good for the people that suffer from the high fever. In addition, barley also good to cure grief of heart and ailment of the kidney. 

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 The second recommendation would be dates. Dates helps in increasing the blood and weight as well and good for anemic. Dates also used in “tahnik” occasion foe the new baby born. In terms of energy, dates really help. In fasting month, dates is the first food that we ate when break fasting.  The Prophet once said “He who eats seven ‘Ajwa dates every morning, will not be affected by poison or magic on the day he eats them”.

Sweet Honey
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The last recommendation is honey. Honey is the best remedy for diarrhea when mixed in hot water. It also can be used for creating appetite, strengthening the stomach, and eliminating phlegm. In cosmetic, honey is used for hair conditioner, eye soother and mouthwash. Other than that, many researchers found it is good for the skin. Many skin products ingredients used honey as the core.

So praise be upon Prophet who produced for us this marvelous knowledge which makes us see and understand and dazzles the wisest minds. May we serve Him with true vision.


Spicy Food Help To Live Longer

Spiciness in Science 
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I guess not everyone would like to eat spicy food. Especially the one that came from the east of Malaysia. Since I am one of the representatives from that area, I know that Terengganurian and Kelantanese usually have the habit of making their own culture and food. Except at Pahang, there were so many spicy foods here. I need my own time to adapt to the spicy food. And now I am used to it.

A new research suggesting that eating fiery ingredients such as chili peppers may do more than burn our tounge. These foods may help us live longer. An associate professor at Harvard School of Public Health and co-author of the study published the benefits of eating spicy foods. As addition, some researchers from Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences make an observation regarding the issue other than to prove the truth. They analyzed the spicy food consumption of nearly half a million people from the age 30 to 70 across 10 regions in China. From what they viewed, people who frequently consumed spicy food have a lower risk of death from cancer and respiratory system diseases. The records showed that 20,224 people who died over seven year and found out that whose ate spicy foods six or seven times a week had a 14% lower risk of premature death.

Colourful of Capsaicin
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The example of the chili that may help in our health is capsaicin. Each color of the capsaicin have their own level of spiciness. A bioactive ingredient in the capsaicin has been linked to health perks such as increased fat burning. Folk medicine also said capsaicin can help fight infection and stimulate the kidneys, lungs and heart.

Cant’t take the heat? Drink milk or yogurt after eating the spicy foods. It would be the best cooling liquid to you.


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