Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Islamic Food VS Science Theory


Feel like want to share about this topic since I am a pure science student at the high school. There were a lot about the theory from the intelligence white people. We learn and learn and sometimes practiced in daily life. Most of the eating habits based on the eating habits that we learnt from others. Example like if we want to gain back the energy after donating blood, people usually tend to eat the inner part of the animal organ. The inner part of the animal organ is not good for our health because it can cause your mind to think slowly. Heart is where all the toxic is accumulated and would be neutralized. The thickness of the toxic in the heart of the chicken is high where when we eat we could get the effect. It just same like we eat the toxic and there would be no differences.

Say no to them.
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To get back the energy after donating the blood and for the anemia patient, by eating meat, broccoli, spinach, nuts, honey, oat and banana can help. Plus the body will get better instead of getting the bad effects.

A cup of love for the coffee lover
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A part of that, we are taught to not eat coffee because it is not good for our health. Actually coffee is one of the favorite for Prophet apart of milk and honey.  I am one the victim to that statement also. As I grew older, I read and compared. Caramel macchiato is so yummy. 

Yes or No would be your choices!


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