Sweet Tooth

We live in a sweet world. We need it every day in other to get the energy and keep doing the activities in daily life. But, the consumption of too much sugar will not be good to our health. A team of researchers from the University of Utah used mice to conduct a study on the negative effects of sugar. They found it could have serious effects on people’s health. Based on their research, they found that too much consumption of sugar could be toxic. It also will lead to the diabetes. Dessert might look small and nice to eat but we do not know how much calories in it. No wonder Malaysia is one the country that has many diabetes patients. According to International Diabetes Federation there were 2.3 million cases of diabetes in Malaysia in 2014. Otherwise, we can change the habits of eating the dessert in a healthier ways. Since I am also the sweet lover, let’s find a way to satisfy our sweet tooth in a good way.

Chocolate dipped strawberry
Picture taken from http://greatist.com/health/healthier-dessert-recipes

Let’s use fruits more in our recipe to make desserts. Examples like use avocado and date paste to replace the sugar. The taste slightly might be different but the image of the cake does not look different. I have tried it before and it happened. Say no to strawberry cheese cake and whatsoever that contain many calories. Just eat the strawberries and dip in the chocolates. Oh no! i'm craving to eat paleo sweet potato brownies.

Less sugar, more Smile!


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