Saturday, 29 August 2015

Chinese Food

Examples of the Chinese Food
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你好. Ni hao!

Here we go. Chinese really cared about their food. The race that cares the most about the meals in Malaysia goes to Chinese. For the Chinese, every food has a special meaning for them. In addition, every part of the variety plants and animals is used in their meal. Chinese culture believes that “yi xing bu xing” which means by using any shape or part of the animal the same part of the human body can be replenished and strengthened. This has given rise to a remarkable diversity in regional cuisine. For other races, it might be overwhelming, horrifying and disgusting. But, not for the Chinese. The food that they consume every day is healthy compared to other races. They do not consume dairy product. They replaced it with tofu and soy milk which also contained protein and calcium. 

Chinese believes that different dumpling fillings means different
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Spring rolls means prosperity to Chinese because of the same shape with the gold bar
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Every races have their own culture. Recpect it!


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